Student Organizations Donations & Solicitation

Donation Request Approval Form

Since many community and corporate donors are repeatedly solicited by campus organizations, departments, and colleges, it is mandatory that all student organization fundraising efforts be cleared through the SLiCE office and approved by the Director of Development. Fundraising includes but is not limited to: solicitation of money and/or goods, working at a business, raffles, sporting events/tournaments, etc. If necessary the SLiCE office will supply the necessary solicitation forms after approval is received. Please allow at least one week for completion of the approval process.

If student organization members wish to have CSU receipt businesses for their donations, the student organization must have a SOFA. Donations received (monetary and tangible items) must be processed through the SLiCE in conjunction with the Colorado State University Foundation office. The CSU Foundation is a nonprofit organization that acts as the repository and steward for all charitable contributions to the University. Not all goods and services are tax-deductible by law, therefore, a tax receipt is not always issued to the donor. All donors, however, should be acknowledged in the form of a thank-you letter facilitated by the student group that solicited the gift.

The solicitation form (for cash and non-cash gifts) provides the University with the information needed to accurately receipt and/or acknowledge gifts, so it is imperative that they are completed. Incomplete forms will not be accepted and will be returned to the group.

All non-cash gifts require substantiation/validation of the fair market value by the donor. The SLiCE office staff will seek out the proper channels to provide assistance with gifts valued at more than $5,000. The Office of Development and Advancement Information Services (491-4939) can provide additional assistance with gifts to the University. With any non-cash gift of $5,000 or less, the donor must substantiate/validate the fair market value of the gift by signing the donation form.

Student organizations are not allowed to solicit any Division of Student Affairs offices for co-sponsorship of programs. All co-sponsorship requests should be submitted to the Vice President for Student Affairs office.

It is critical that student organization officers/advisors contact the SLiCE office prior to any marketing materials being printed and distributed for a fundraising event.

Making Donations

State rules and regulations do not allow any State monies to be used for donations to outside entities. If a student organization wants to conduct a fundraiser for an outside entity, individuals donating should make checks payable to the benefiting organization.